Great little OSX clipboard utility

Check out the Pasteboard Recorder, a great little free utility for those using OSX. It stores a configurable number of the last things you copied to your clipboard and can handle many data types, not just text. I’ve been using it quite a bit since I got my new laptop, and it makes a handy blogging tool for when you’re working to collect a set of links that will be used in your weblog post.

(Pasteboard Recorder is a universal binary for those of you who’ve made the transition to Macintel)

0 thoughts on “Great little OSX clipboard utility

  1. Jesse says:

    The website reads like the packages we get at work: “You can look back on content of a paste board by key operation without operating interface. If you embezzle it, you will understand the good point.”

    My favorite product we got at work was an airplane that had the tagline “Fill your skies with a wings dream”

    I will test this out tomorrow with a punishing pile of Illustrator and PShop clippings. I predict it runs off crying to it’s momma. I hope I am wrong. This sort of thing would be really helpful to me


  2. dlh says:

    Yeah the developer’s first language is Japanese.

    Let me know how it handles your workflow stuff, I’m curious. I’m just pumping small snippets of text through it, URLs mainly, so for me it works fine.


  3. Jesse says:

    I was right, sadly. It crashed on my machine the first time i tried it, then worked ok but slowly the next couple of times. The bonjour thing would be freaking sweet, if it worked at all.

    I will keep an eye on it. Hopefully this guy will keep at it and clean this up to make it functional.


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