New gig taking all my time

ok so, snatching a few minutes after a late lunch here to post since I’ve been ignoring my site. I’m busy as sin, there’s a lot on my plate and not a lot of time to get to it all here at the new job, and then on the weekends I have to head back to NY to deal with my responsibilities with the cottage and house per my old lease. A few quick things by way of an update on what’s going on with me:

I’m finally somewhat moved in and unpacked, including actual furniture. Dave’s guest accommodations are back in business after several years off. Want to come visit beautiful western Mass, sample the local restaurant scene, or go hiking in Vermont? I’m taking reservations now.

There’s actually something better than Trader Joe’s: Whole Foods. Their website sucks and doesn’t do the store justice, but they have a real full line butcher shop the likes of which I haven’t seen since I was like 10 years old, a superb sea food department, a bulk foods section which takes up the equivalent of an entire aisle in a large grocery store, excellent takeout (indian, vegetarian, gourmet deli styles are all available), tons of organic produce, a huge wine and beer selection (and I’m not talking coors and schlitz here) and gourmet foods from all kinds of cultures. It’s absolutely fantastic. The downside is my weekly food bill has gone up more than $60 a week because of my shopping there, but man am I eating well.

Amherst has $2 breakfast and $3 lunch for staff. I can’t feed myself for even close to that. The food’s not quite as good as it was at Bowdoin, but it’s decent, and they have broccoli every day instead of only occasionally. Lots of food service lunches for me as a result.

I’m only 5.5 miles from campus, the weather’s warming up, and there’s a bike trail between me and there. I’ll be biking to work shortly, and walking sometimes.

I was really worried about heating the new house. Based on current gas prices it looks like it will run me $3-500 during January/February, but this is without me doing anything about the un insulated windows (no storms, no nothing). This is actually better than I expected and only a little more than I was spending in NY in my three room cottage, and now I have a 6 room house with 9.5′ ceilings.

I love the new house. It sucks to be on a major road again but I’m right next to a bike path and having 20+ acres behind the house to run around on with Soolin is great. Plus have I mentioned elbow room? ELBOW ROOM! And comfortable furniture. And hardwood floors which are MUCH easier to clean Soolin detritus off of.

That’s it for now. I’ve one more post I’ll make today. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with getting myself back onto a regular posting schedule. Over lunch at my desk isn’t cutting it now since I’m usually off at the cafeteria.

0 thoughts on “New gig taking all my time

  1. Jesse says:

    We have Whole Foods here too. We call it “whole paycheck” The meat department is the shiz tho. They have buffalo for crissakes… They are also really good for cheeses. Their carrot cake is almost as good as mom’s.


  2. dlh says:

    Ha ha, the whole paycheck. It’s funny cause it’s true.


    They even have ostrich at the butcher, and I’ve already sampled the buffalo. Ostrich I’ll get to shortly.


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