Unfortunate health news

So, I came back from lunch last week and all of the sudden felt like I was going blind in one eye. I pretty quickly noticed that if I could squint I could see a very large gray spot in the middle of my vision in my right eye. I got in to see an ophthalmologist the following day who examined me and then referred me to a retinal specialist, who I saw yesterday. Turns out I have Central Serous Retinopathy in both eyes, though I wasn’t noticing it in my left eye because the blister was on the periphery of my vision. After 3-4 years of recurring health problems (hernias, diabetes and related stuff, debilitating bacterial infections) I finally had a year of no problems in 2005. So much for clear sailing in 2006. Anyway this is the bad news – I can’t see very well. The good news is while the causes of this are not well understood, in most cases it clears itself up within 6 months all on its own. I have to do a daily eye chart exam on myself to track the progression of the blind spot, and if things get worse it’s back to the specialist for more examinations and possible surgery. But if as expected things slowly get better, I’ll be in the clear by the middle of the summer, and the only lingering aftereffect of this will be that I get to see a retinal specialist once a year for pictures of my eye to make sure there are no recurrences or other retinal issues. The other good news is that my immediate thought when I saw the blind spot was ‘fuck, it’s the diabetes, I’m going blind already, despite such good control over it.’ Turns out it has nothing to do with any of that which was a tremendous relief to me. The last bit of good news was that a previously known condition I have in my right eye, Pigmentary Dispersion (sometimes a precursor to glaucoma) was basically unchanged and was no cause for worry.

There’s a sort of humorous aside to this in that when I was undergoing the first examination the doctor asked me if I had ever suffered trauma to my right eye, as it’s often a cause of pigmentary dispersion syndrome. At the time I couldn’t recall anything but then on the ride home I had this vivid memory of my jr/high school era friend Mark Ross plinking me in the right eye with a snail when we were in high school during a crazed snail fight (there were millions of them on the beach during low tide at Caumsett State Park). It broke my contact lens in my eye and caused poor vision for days in that eye. So, it’s all Mark Ross’s fault. If I go blind I’ll have to track him down and give him grief about it.

0 thoughts on “Unfortunate health news

  1. Nick S. says:

    Damn man, all my friends are illin’.
    Sorry to hear about your eyes – give Mark a major “ping” for me if you catch him.
    I was in music class one day at college and this chick jumped up onto a cabinet next to me with her new sheet music in hand… well, her spastic arm flailed her music sheet into my eye and gave me a paper cut on my cornea! Ouch! I had a patch for a week.


  2. Drew says:

    Mark is moving to North Carolina at some point in the near future. His house on LI is up for sale and he and Lisa are having a house built down near Raleigh NC.

    Bittersweet news on the eyes. Good that it isn’t the diabetes, but beat that it is something else. Hopefully it clears itself up over the coming months.

    I will bear witness to the snail fight having been a participant in it.
    You remember the socks full of sand fight at Robert Moses? Ahh youthful days and how I miss them…..


  3. dlh says:

    I do remember the sock fight and laugh every time I think of it. Oh to be young, foolish, and completely irresponsible again. Though reflecting on where that’s gotten me with my bum eye, maybe it’s good that those years are past 😉

    I still can’t believe when we were chatting about this on IM I didn’t even say anything and you immediately remembered the snail thing. It took me hours for that to come to me!

    As Nick observes, mark deserves some stiff 2 fingered Bass powered pings, and if the circumstances permit, a few whiteflashes right before to set the stage. If you’re in position to do the deed, I’ll repay you 😉

    The lesson from Nick’s story and mine is, always wear sunglasses, no matter the time or weather.


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