Red Orchestra goes commercial

I’ve mentioned this once or twice over the past year – the makers of the superb Red Orchestra mod for Unreal Tournament 2k4 won the ‘Make something Unreal’ contest and won a license for the Unreal Tournament engine. The product that came out of that, Red Orchestra, Ostfront 41-45, is just about to launch. The preload on Steam has started as of today, meaning you can sign in, buy it, and have it waiting on your hard drive when they launch the game, which is something I’ve done. If you do it now you get 10% off, the game is only $24.95. There’s also a gameplay movie on the site I’ve linked to if you’re potentially interested. I can offer that this and Forgotten Hope have been my two favorite mods of the last several years, and I have really high hopes for this game. It’s much more of a simulator than a run n gun action game, so keep that in mind if you’re considering it. I’ll post again if they offer up a demo or barring that once I’ve played some and have a sense of how the game is.

0 thoughts on “Red Orchestra goes commercial

  1. Drew says:

    Does this mean the game runs alone and no longer as a mod of UT2k4? That would be sweet.
    And that price!! I boot to the face of EA charging $50+ for BF2

    Any news on FH getting ported to BF2?


  2. dlh says:

    Yes it runs as a standalone game, and for under $25 it’s a great deal.

    They are still working on the forgotten hope 2 port to battlfield 2, no word on a release date yet though. I am really looking forward to it though. The one thing I will say against Red Orchestra is that their vehicle maps and implementation were weak compared to Forgotten Hope. We’ll see how the commercial mod is in comparison but really it’s something the battlefield engine is better suited to than the UT2k4 one so I’m not sure how much they can do to improve it. Red Orchestra is at its best in infantry combat, period, in my opinion, and it does that extremely well. I wish they’d just focused on that and skipped the vehicles all together.


  3. Drew says:

    I agree. Vehicle implementation in RO just didn’t pan out at all. But for straight up infantry combat the game is top notch. I really love the graphic detailing of the weapons too. Small maps, mano e mano, the game is excellent.
    FH definately scales better to bigger maps and the vehicles work well.
    I look forward to both of these games, and in fact will go over to steam to buy RO now.


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