Corn syrup and diabetes

This has come up a couple of times in email and IM conversations I’ve had over the past month or so, the fact that there is evidence that there is a link between the increased intake of high fructose (and other forms) of corn syrup over the past couple of decades and the increased rate of type II diabetes in north Americans. I had lost the link I had to the first research I had read on the subject. I watch a lot of medical RSS feeds and fortunately this came through today. It’s dense, but it lays out the case pretty comprehensively. The short version for folks who can’t spend the time to read it: read the labels on your food carefully. Avoid prepackaged, pre-prepared foodstuffs, soft drinks, and prepackaged sweetened beverages in general, and above all avoid corn syrup and all its derivatives. There was a recent article in the NY Times which showed that 33% of the kids born in NYC within the last 5 years will develop type II diabetes. It’s an epidemic and no one is immune – learn to watch what you eat.

All of this is just a part of it of course – a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise are just as important, but the above stuff is actually the easiest thing to do – stop buying the 20 oz. cokes at lunch and microwaving that chef boyardee ravioli, your endocrine system will thank you.

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