Friday fun – Gridwars

Ok this one is a doozy. If you grew up in the 80’s and think the string of arcade games Williams put out then (Robotron, Defender, Stargate, Joust) represent the finest the form had to offer, you’re going to love Gridwars. It’s actually a clone of a small game that comes with the new Xbox 360, and its spiritual predecessor is William’s Robotron with slight shades of Atari’s Tempest. You need a dual stick controller to really play this, like a usb connected ps2 pad, though you can play using the keyboard. You move in any direction with one pad whilst shooting in any direction using the other. Various geometric shapes spawn and attempt to smash you while techno plays in the background and the screen pulsates with your activity. It’s still in beta but even in its current form it’s essentially perfect. I’ve been completely mesmerized by it since I stumbled across it. Horde those smart bombs, you’re going to need them!

[this is win32 and mac only, sorry linux folk]

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