Sweet desktop manager for OSX

If you’ve ever spent any time with linux chances are you’ve seen the multiple desktop metaphor many of the GUI’s use. The idea is you have multiple desktops and you can plant various application’s windows on separate desktops. When you want to work with your browser, switch to the desktop where it lives, want email? Switch to that desktop, and so on. Once you get used to it it really helps with window clutter. There have been implementations of this for macs going back to the System 6 days, and some of them were essential tools for me over the years, though all seemed to be relatively buggy. I happened across a pretty solid OSX implementation today that’s free, desktop manager. It’s pretty slick – it puts a navigation window on your toolbar, and you can pop up a larger navigation window if you like. It seems pretty stable in a workday’s worth of testing, though it seems to be a little wonkey interacting with expose. It’s well worth a look despite this though – hopefully the expose issues will get straightened out, and in the interim it’s still a decent implementation of the virtual desktop f0r OSX.

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