Sundays without football are made for hiking

First Sunday of the season without football to watch, so Soolin and I went for a hike for the first time in months – since our fall hike in the southern tongue mountain range to be precise. A variety of things – football, illness, deer hunting season, the holiday season, and the weather, have all conspired to keep us out of the woods. It was great to get out again. The weather was fortuitous – it threatened rain and even sprinkled on us a couple of times, but as I was driving out of the park at the end of the hike it really started to come down. We just missed a drenching. Since I couldn’t get my rear out of bed this morning we only did a short hike, roughly 3-4 miles. They recently opened up a trail system abutting Lake Moreau State park northeast of Saratoga Springs which meanders along the range separating the park from the Hudson river. We went up to the first overlook and then headed back. It’s a pretty easy hike but a bit of a cardio buster as most of it is pretty steep. The views are not all that great from the first overlook as they look back east and south instead of towards the mountains to the north and west. I’m going to head back again the next time the weather’s warm enough and do a longer stretch. You can do an 8-9 mile look that takes you all along the ridgeline which looks to have some pretty good views over the Hudson and towards the heart of the Adirondacks. Anyway I took a few photos and posted them in the gallery, including a panoramic shot from the high point of the hike.

0 thoughts on “Sundays without football are made for hiking

  1. Drew says:

    I wish I had gone. Though today’s weather is insanely better. I did get to romp around the woods with Stan over at my moms place.
    Stan has no bed now having violated his 2nd Orvis bed. He will have a period of no bed before we try again.


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