I think Abit just died

Some time ago, over a year ago I think, Abit ran into financial difficulty. I didn’t pay close attention to the details but there seemed to be financial impropriety, market manipulation and so on, or at least allegations of it. There was much fear at the time that Abit was in danger of going under. Recently they took steps to address their financial situation, announced in this press release. The wording is curious – first they describe it as a partnership, but in the small print it’s a merger, and when small companies like Abit merge with big companies, the outcome is often not that good, especially for companies like Abit that produce low volume boutique products. I’m bummed by this. I’ve been using Abit motherboards for at least 6-7 years and have almost completely positive experiences with them. My main gaming rig is using an Abit board right now, in fact, as have all my gaming rigs for years and years. I hope Abit manages to thrive as an independent entity within their new larger corporate parent and continues to produce the high quality performance and features focused products I’ve been buying, and doesn’t get forced into becoming a volume/commodity motherboard producer. There are already plenty of those.

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