Planetside about to become free

On February 14th, Sony Online Entertainment is going to make a limited free edition of Planetside available. If you’re not familiar with it, Planetside is a massively multiplayer first person shooter set in a science fiction universe. It’s basically the only legitimate game of its kind. There have been a few other attempts in the genre but none by anyone with the deep pockets required to really make a go of it, except for the upcoming Huxley, which I am hoping turns out pretty well.

Anyway I played Planetside during a 14 day trial a couple of years ago and found it pretty fun, just not fun enough to drop $14 a month on. If you’re a fan of games like Battlefield 1942/Battlefield 2, or just like first person shooters and are intrigued by the notion of playing with thousands of people at the same time, this is definitely up your alley. You can read up on the details of the offer in this post on the Planetside forums. I’ll post again once this is released – I definitely will be signing up for it.

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