The next phase of my career starts shortly

I can finally let the cat out of the bag. Those of you who have been paying close attention have probably noticed veiled hints and even some rather obvious comments over the last couple of months about how change was in the works for me. It’s here. I tendered my resignation at Skidmore College today. I’ve accepted a position at Amherst College as Director of Web Services, where I’ll begin work on March 6th, assuming all goes smoothly in terms of my departure from Skidmore and arrangements to live in the Amherst region.

Of course I couldn’t be more excited, though there’s a tinge of sadness too. I reconnected with parts of my family I had lost touch with when I moved to Saratoga, and I rediscovered my love of hiking. Also just in general I love the region – ever since I was a young kid I have been coming up here, and to live in the region turned out to be even better than I had anticipated. I’ll be sorry to go.

On the positive side I’ll be back working for my old boss Peter from my Bowdoin days. We had a great working relationship and I produced work that I’m exceedingly proud of during my time working for him. My expectation is we will continue to build on those efforts at Amherst, with greater resources and several more year’s experiences under my belt. The future looks bright.

I’ll post more in the coming days, for now I figured it was time to get the word out after months of speculation and uncertainty.

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