News of the diabetes epidemic hits the mainstream

I’ve been talking about this here ever since I came down with it – today I note it’s finally starting to truly hit the mainstream. I was as oblivious to this as anyone else was until I was afflicted. If you’re an american, especially, apparently, an east coast reared american, you are strongly urged to spend some time learning what a healthy diet is all about. A brief statistic from today’s New York Times to help drive the point home:

One in three children born in the United States five years ago are expected to become diabetic in their lifetimes, according to a projection by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The forecast is even bleaker for Latinos: one in every two.

33% folks, one third of the population, is now predicted to suffer from the disease. Our north american lifestyle, and especially our eating habits, are completely fucked is what this is all about, and corn syrup in all its forms is playing a big role in this. Read the labels of the foods you eat and if it has high fructose corn syrup in it, don’t eat it! (which, alas, is terribly difficult, since everything has it in it). Eat vegetables, lots of vegetables, and not in the ‘yeah yeah I had 3 sprigs of frozen broccoli with dinner’ kind of way, and search on diabetes here if you want more folk advice from me, but more importantly, go read the New York Times article published today (registration probably required, use if that bothers you), and the rest of the series this week. And most importantly, please, if you have kids, stop feeding them the crap you’re feeding them.

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