Putting human knowledge in perspective

We laugh now when we think of the average person in say, the middle ages, who if they thought about it at all, thought that the universe such as it was revolved around them, the earth, and so on. Take a look at newscientistspace.com’s list of 13 things which don’t make sense and consider: how much more do we really know? My favorite of the list, along these lines, is #5, which ponders Dark Matter, aka ‘physicists fake it because they can’t really explain it.’

I’m not busting on physicists, nor do I mean to make light of our progress. I guess my point is, an open mind in all things, since when you really examine what we consider to be the facts of the day they often turn out to be built upon a house of cards that’s similar to the one our medieval predecessor’s conception of things was built on.

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