Geeky bookmarks dilemma

Regular visitors may have noticed how I’ve been gradually sprucing up this site over the past month or so. New server, new design (crabbed from elsewhere this time), new tools (streaming music is back, a wiki, and others yet to be revealed) and more integration with public tools (most of which is invisible aside from the presence of commenters outside our social circle – I’m getting indexed in some engines I had kept blocked in the past – there’s more of this to come as well). Anyway one of the next things on my list is dealing with bookmarks. In the past I kept a sitebar installation going. I’m tempted to move everything over to but a little worried that the firefox extension is going to slow down my browsing tremendously. Anyone have any experience with this? The idea is you store your bookmarks in and use a browser plugin to synch your local browser’s bookmark list with the server. You can do the same thing with sitebar and your local browser, the difference is there is some benefit to maintaining a public profile in that you don’t get in sitebar in terms of traffic to my site. I’d prefer not to have to maintain two sets of bookmarks, invariably they get out of synch. So. Anyone running the extension with a huge bookmark list and synching it with firefox? How’s the performance?

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