Last of the weblog design tests

As most will note, I changed the templates for the weblog one last time. I’m not fond of the color scheme this time around but I do like the layout otherwise and the utilities on the top right (font size changes and whatnot). It’s down to a choice between this one and theme wuhan, the first one I experimented with. If you have an opinion drop it in the comments. Figure one way or another I’ll choose this week and then roll out the theme to most portions of the site. Also figure I’ll be playing with the color scheme of whichever one I choose, so if you’re going to comment, keep in mind that the colors are likely to change. For Andrew’s sake, I promise no lime green will be involved.

I also added the old ‘about’ and ‘contact’ pages back into the site – an old flame found me through google then had trouble figuring out how to get in touch with me. Embarrassing, that. Anyway the links to those pages run across the top and can be found to the right as well.

Two more to consider:


Copperleaf (which looks nothing like what it sounds)

0 thoughts on “Last of the weblog design tests

  1. dlh says:

    Drew – this is now that subway design, but with my own (mis-sized, but I will fix that) photography running across the top.

    Jesse – it was a bug in the templates on that other design. I would have fixed it but I decided to switch anyway. It didn’t do that in IE but did in Firefox (and Safari I am guessing).


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