What if I went ‘pro’

So perhaps you’ve come across a few of the articles that have been running lately about folks finding themselves able to make a living off of their adsense revenues. I’m pondering going that route myself – finally going ‘live’ with metamusing.net, pushing it off onto a commercial host, connecting myself to all relevant points in the ‘blogosphere,’ adding the adsense bar, letting it go for a year and see where I get. It will only cost me a few hundred $$$ to try it and from pondering, the worst repercussion I can come up with is my ego takes a beating when the world doesn’t beat a path to my website. I’m not looking to make a living off of metamusing, but if it can pay for its hosting bills plus a few dollars here and there I’d be more than content. I’d have to move it to a commercial host since it’s against Time Warner’s terms of service to host a commercial website on their bandwidth. Anyone going to strenuously object if the adsense bar starts appearing here? I might even go so far as to offer a greasemonkey script for folks who really don’t want to see the text ads google puts in.

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