I’m having a wikigasm

I posted about jotspot months ago – they had great buzz in the wiki community and I’ve been trying to get in on the beta ever since I heard of it. Anyway they’re finally live with their product and it is simply fantastic. It distinguishes itself from other wiki engines in a number of ways, most interesting being the way that you can construct new applications from your wiki using a set of simple tags. There are some great examples to be found on their site – anyone with moderate computer skills could build things like a task list or simple project management tools using jot, and they have a library of off the shelf tools to choose from too. They’ve also built in gui editing tools and the ability to use email to publish to the system, and they’ve stitched RSS into the system. The one downside is cost – this is a commercial endeavor. For free you get a wiki with a max page count of 50 and only a few users. This is sufficient for personal use in a variety of ways, but you won’t be able to scale up without running into the need to purchase a license, and they start at $9 a month. I don’t begrudge them the need to make money but I’m majorly bummed that this makes it unlikely I’ll roll this out at skidmore in anything beyond testing. I’ll be keeping my eyes on them to see how things evolve, maybe they’ll ad an academic pricing model. Oh, and you can check out dlh.jot.com – most of it is hidden away right now but if you want to join in the fun let me know.

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