When woodchucks attack

A woodchuck has moved into the neighborhood and has been visiting my yard occasionally. I finally managed to snap a couple of pictures of him. Unfortunately the picture’s blurry because I had to shoot through the screen. Still, pretty cool. The first time I spotted him was pretty amusing. I also have a family of chipmunks again this year. So I’m in the bathroom and I notice movement out of the corner of my eye. I look out, and the woodchuck has wandered into my backyard and is giving it a good sniff. One of the chipmunks, a youngling the size of a golf ball, senses the woodchuck, goes up on its hind legs, and lets out a big squeak. The hedgehog is the size of an small dog, and it hears the squeak and turns tail and runs off into the woods. It made me laugh, the brave little chipmunk scaring off the huge woodchuck.

I have a few other photos of the woodchuck I might post later. I managed to get the screen up and shoot a few but he heard me and took off, so they’re even blurrier because he is in motion. But maybe I’ll post them anyway.

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