An open source alternative to Hamachi

If you’re not familiar with it, Hamachi is a very handy personal VPN tool that allows you to do things like connect the file system/s of your home computer/s or network to your work machine/s. It’s really very slick and extremely useful, especially if you’re sitting behind a firewall that’s blocking more easily accesible methods of connecting to remote machines. To help illustrate this, imagine you could access your home music collection from work, instead of having a copy of some of it on a thumbdrive/mp3 player/portable disc that you cart to work with you.

Hamachi is not open source, however, and that gives some folks pause since it’s hard to assess how secure the tool is, plus while it’s free for personal use there are no guarantees that it will remain so.

If you’re troubled by these issues, consider tinc as an alternative. It’s not nearly as easy to configure as Hamachi is, but it’s also free, is open source, and runs on more platforms than Hamachi does. Two thumbs up from me, though I did swear a good bit when I was first getting it running.