What if I took a long vacation…

…and neglected to post the links to the pictures I took. Would anyone notice? Turns out they will – Andrew found the pictures, possibly because he’s used to how this site works, but I doubt anyone else has. I’ve procrastinated about posting them for several weeks now because Susan and I (ok…almost completely Susan) took careful notes about all the stuff we did when we visited Seattle in early June, and our intent was to post the illustrated story of our vacation, which I’m sure everyone would have found incredibly interesting 😉

Instead, you all get this abbreviated version. We went to Seattle in early June and:

visited my brother’s family:

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Went hiking around Seattle, checking out cool waterfalls:

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giant trees:

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and the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, including its stunning coastline:

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We had our occasional setbacks:

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But all in all much fun was had:

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If you enjoyed the above, There’s more of this to be found over on the actual gallery of the trip, which you can check out by clicking the link.

Headed off to Seattle for the week

I’m off on vacation this week. Susan and I are headed to Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula for a week of exploring, hiking, dining, kayaking, and more. Possibly I’ll find wifi connections I trust enough to login and post, otherwise I may not post again this week.