Scene of a murder: scratch one rabbit

My yard is overrun with rabbits, and I’ve been writing about our various adventures with them as we try and protect our garden this summer. Yesterday I was out playing with Soolin in the yard when I noted her stopping to munch on something in the grass. Ever since Nori got sick eating something in our neighborhood I have been super paranoid about this, and so I rushed over to stop her.

Turns out she was munching on the last scraps of a rabbit that had been killed and eaten by something in our yard, close to where Nori is buried. There wasn’t much left – a bloodstain in the grass, a few tufts of fur, and part of its head. I was original going to post a photo of this, but it was too gnarly. Use your imagination instead – it was part of the poor rabbit’s skull with all the flesh and skin gone, but the eyeball still sitting in its socket, staring into the photo.

Poor, poor rabbit. It’s hard to begrudge them a little sunflower or cucumber after seeing such a thing.

Another rabbit fence story

Some weeks ago we dug a trench and ran chickenwire around the perimeter of our garden after the rabbits managed to eat up a bunch of our greens. Since then, things haven’t gone especially well. Now another example of how well this is working, courtesy of Susan. She was out walking Soolin one morning this week and Soolin managed to chase a rabbit into the garden. This time, Soolin got into the garden with the rabbit proceeded to chase it around. The rabbit panicked, ran face first into the chicken wire, bounced off it, recovered, and then scampered up over the chickenwire by using it like a ladder.


Fucking rabbits.

Here’s how well our new rabbit fence works – it protects rabbits

So last weekend we worked half a day, with help from Parker and Steve, to get chicken wire installed on our garden fence. 300′ of fence, buried ~6″ deep and stapled to the existing wooden rail fence. This after I spent several weeks digging the trench around the exterior of the fence.

Yesterday I let the dogs out to do their morning business, and Soolin went zipping off towards the garden, barking. Turns out she had spotted a rabbit. Said rabbit? Inside the fence. Soolin? Stuck outside the fence. Soolin, apparently our only effective rabbit deterrent, was reduced to running furiously up and down the perimeter of the fence, barking madly but impotently. Eventually the rabbit scooted out of the fence and into the nearby shrubbery, but its point was made. We’re debating our next move.