Saying goodbye to Norma

Susan’s Aunt Norma passed away last week after a short battle with cancer. Her death was not a surprise, though it came a bit sooner than most expected, but her funeral was still an emotionally draining experience for the Kimball clan. We gathered in Portland Thursday night for the visiting hours at the funeral home, then at a church in South Portland, ME for the funeral. Norma’s obituary is here on the Portland Press Herald’s site.

I didn’t know her well. I’d seen her over the last several years at the holidays and Kimball family gatherings. She was friendly, outgoing, and quick to laugh and share a joke. I liked her. My most poignant memory of her is the eulogy she delivered at her Mother’s funeral last year. Norma and Susan’s Mother Linda each delivered a eulogy at the ceremony. Linda’s was the more polished, thoughtful eulogy, which given her career as a minister should surprise no one, but I was more moved by Norma’s deeply personal outpouring of affection and loss.

We were fortunate to have a chance to introduce Brady to her before her passing. I’ve posted a picture of that below.

Brady, Norma and Susan last month

A weekend spent in Maine

Susan and I spent the weekend in Maine. It was her brother’s birthday and her Dad’s birthday is next week while we’ll be in NY, so we headed up to Brunswick Saturday morning, had lunch with her family, played mini-golf (I came in third out of 9, not bad given I haven’t played in at least 10 years), went clothes shopping in Freeport, played boardgames till the wee hours in a borrowed unfurnished condo, wandered about Portland reliving my youth and sipping mediocre au laits, and finally took the dogs for a romp on one of my favorite places:

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(that’s Higgins Beach in Maine, looking south down the rockfaces)

All in all it was a pretty fun weekend.

Oh, forgot to post this – I’ve been using Vimeo to send my niece Isabella little greetings from the places I visit. She’s on the other side of the world in Australia and it’s one of the few ways I can connect with her. We filmed this while we were at Higgins Beach this weekend:

Susan and David at the beach from David Hamilton on Vimeo.

Nothing special I know, and here mostly for her, but enjoy it for what it is and scope out the windy higgins beach action 😉