Friday Fun: Doom in Flash

Episode III: Inferno is set in Hell. The marin...
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Been a while since I last posted a Friday Fun link, so here’s a doozy – play the original Doom from Id Software right in your browser with the flash plugin. This works surprisingly well and really brought back memories. Funny too, in that back in the day this was the most intense thing ever, and now of course it looks desperately crude. Still, it’s pretty fun to play and authentically recreates the experience, right down to the sluggishness you probably experienced back when this first came out, trying to get your 386 or 486 to push Doom along at a reasonable framerate. Check it out!

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Friday fun – Warzone

Desktop Tower Defense in play.

Image of Desktop Tower Defense via Wikipedia

I mentioned a week or two ago how I had finally gotten the last and hardest badge for Desktop Tower Defense over on and how I needed to find a new pastime for my lunch hour. I’ve found it. It’s called Warzone, and it’s cast from the same mold that DTD is. You purchase various kinds of towers and place them on the board, building a maze to channel the enemy forces through, slowing their march towards your home and exposing them as effectively as you can to the firepower of your towers. Warzone doesn’t add much in the way of innovation to this formula, but it’s well executed, comes with a number of maps and game modes, and so far, 5-10 games under my belt, it seems pretty well balanced. I wish it had some kind of slowing/freezing tower, and I wish it was over on Kongregate with badges etc would be the only things I would say in terms of enhancements. This is flash based so it should play on any machine. Check it out for a little friday fun, and good luck trying to beat my current high score, ~85k on the original map using cash mode.