Birthday hike

Spent the day after my birthday on a family outing up to Greenfield that started with the hike the photo below was taken on, then hit the People’s Pint for lunch and Greenfield Games for fun. Great, great day.


Saturday hike

I forgot to post this on Saturday after Susan and I went out hiking. The guidebook warned us the trails were poorly marked and it was right – we ended up off the trail, bushwacked, thought we had found the right trail, and ended up only hiking half as far as we had been planning. The location is great. It’s a trail system behind Holyoke Community College, very close to our house and with miles of trails snaking back through the area, so we’ll definitely be back.

How to spend the perfect weekend

We had perfect weather this weekend, with temperatures in the low high 60’s and clear blue skies. Susan and I took advantage of this and went hiking in the green mountains in vermont about 40 minutes north of Bennington:

Susan making her way across a creek

It was pretty much perfect – the hike made its way up a steep grade but at an angle such that it was never too strenuous of a climb. We saw a beautiful ice covered lake, followed a roaring brook for over a mile that the dogs had a blast frolicking in, struggled to follow a poorly marked appalachian/long trail section that was covered in sometimes deep and slightly treacherous snow, climbed an excellent quartz rock seam, and looked out over a Vermont valley with stunning views. There are more pictures if you’re interested, including a couple of movies and (after tonight) a panoramic shot of the view from the summit.