Friday fun link: Glorg

Glorg is worth checking out simply on the strength of its design. It’s a minimalistic one button rpg inspired by roguelikes with great art design and music. This isn’t a deep experience, but it’s perfect for your friday lunch break. Pay attention to the timing on your mouseclicks – it’s not obvious at first that timing plays an important role. A video is below:

Return of the Friday fun link: Cursed Treasure

Cursed Treasure is a fantastic flash-based tower defense game with a level up system. If you’re a fan of the genre you don’t want to miss this one. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it’s just really well executed, has good graphics, UI, and sound, and enough depth to keep you engaged. I finished all levels with a brilliant rating. A hint: the fear power of Crypts is really powerful. I found it easiest to focus on leveling that tower type up. Also holding down shift lets you repeat actions, something that’s not obvious and which is critical to beating Ninjas with your fireball.

Friday Fun: Doom in Flash

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Been a while since I last posted a Friday Fun link, so here’s a doozy – play the original Doom from Id Software right in your browser with the flash plugin. This works surprisingly well and really brought back memories. Funny too, in that back in the day this was the most intense thing ever, and now of course it looks desperately crude. Still, it’s pretty fun to play and authentically recreates the experience, right down to the sluggishness you probably experienced back when this first came out, trying to get your 386 or 486 to push Doom along at a reasonable framerate. Check it out!

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Friday fun link: Doeo

Mix a japanese pop soundtrack with the art style and humor of Katamari Damacy and drop dead simple controls and you get Doeo, a lovely little flash game on my favorite gaming portal, Doeo’s appear, and you roll your mouse over them to make them disappear, scoring points for doing so and for chaining together sequences of them. It couldn’t be similar and it’s charming and fun, a perfect friday fun link.