In which I get a few more minutes…

…of my promised 15 minutes of fame:

[amherst student article about summer IT work at Amherst College]

ok so maybe it’s a few more seconds, not minutes. Cool nonetheless, and I had a hand in more of the projects than are mentioned that pleased them. Truth be told though, the curse of middle management is that I do little of the work and the credit devolves almost entirely to my staff, a few of whom don’t get mentioned that deserve it.

The article quotes me verbatim in several sections.

The coolest thing about this, or at least related to this, is that for what we were told is only the third time in its history, the Amherst student government (the AAS)  voted a campus entity an official accolade, in this case for Information Technology. They’re going to present us with a certificate at a ceremony next week. You have to work in higher education to really get how great that is – 99.99% of the time, what the students have to say about your work is some combination of ‘you suck and your thinking is old fashioned and my brother/uncle/dad knows how to do this better and why can’t we just use google/facebook for everything, oh, and I forgot my password (you jerks).


(I should note the credit also belongs to my boss, who has taken a number of steps to improve our reputation. This is the clearest evidence so far that it’s working)

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