Happy birthday to Laura

Laura turns 2:


We have a shared birthday party for Laura and her brother and all their friends on Saturday, but we had a small family only celebration on the actual day (Thursday 11th), captured for all posterity here. We got her a Fisher Price digital camera which truth be told her brother seems to enjoy more than her, but between them they’ve already taken almost 300 photos. I’ll try and find a good representative photo to share here once I’ve had a chance to look through them.

5 long years

Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary. Of course I kid in the title – these have flown by unbelievably quickly, and while Susan and I have the normal kinds of tensions and dramas in our day to day relationship, we’ve also been absolutely blessed – 2 beautiful kids, success in both our careers, stable finances, comfortable living despite those pernicious kids, etc. The traditional gift for a 5th anniversary is wood, so:

Wooden flowers for anniversary gift

The sad thing is this photo about sums up our anniversary – that’s all there was to it – a quick handoff of the flowers, a brief kiss, then back to it. Everything else was the usual day to day rush – work, daycare, child rearing, chores, sleep. No time to stop and smell the wooden roses as it were. I’m counting on that coming later as these kids get a bit older, though I think I’m more optimistic about this than Susan is. Still, my main point is more or less, yay!

The mighty Soolin turns 10

Soolin in her 10th birthday just after getting her gifts

Hard to believe but true – my beautiful golden retriever turns 10 today. The picture is from her party tonight, during which the kids gave her some gifts (a stuffed where’s Waldo chosen by Laura and a repeat of an earlier favorite, the squeaking green dragon) which she had a blast with. Truth is the ol gal isn’t aging all that gracefully – she’s got really bad hips and a number of non-cancerous growths on her, one of which is at least 15-20 pounds and severely impacting her comfort and mobility, but she’s still got some get up and go in her. More importantly she’s still quick with a smile and an offer to play, and she’s still doing her part around the house, particularly when it comes to the coyotes. I love her with all my heart.