Playing around with a new theme

Susan doesn’t think much of the green in the right column, and I have to say I agree with her, but I like some of the functionality of this theme, particularly the stuff happening in the right column, so I’m torn. I can also work on the color theme, but also I’m curious as to what folks think. Let me know in the comments and I’ll choose whether to switch back, find something else, or tinker with the photoshop templates to get a better color scheme going.

0 thoughts on “Playing around with a new theme

  1. John Bowman says:

    like it a lot. it’s got an organic/techno feel to it; combining natural colors, with wave on top, and a clean technical layout. i agree the green on the right is a little too much, but that’s an easy fix. nice find.


  2. RHLeBD says:

    For the visually impaired,

    very hard to read the font within the “latest” panel.

    Left side column is much better.

    comments of but one.


  3. Kirsten says:

    The green pulls all your attention to the side… I assume you would prefer it on your post content. And it really bugs me that there’s no symmetry to the colors. Green to the right, grey to the left, nothing to speak of in the middle, orange and blue on top. It’s like someone spilled paint. But that’s just me. I can still find my way to your words.


  4. Drew says:

    I don’t like the title font. It’s so… something. Can’t nail it down, but don’t like it.
    As for the green, it probably wouldn’t be so bad if there was some kind of transition to it across the page. I agree with Kirsten about the colors. It’s a mix bag of colors with no unifying background.
    As far as green goes, I am a fan of the color, so it doesn’t really bother me other than that it is kind of loud on the page.


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