Cheap eyeglasses – risking my $20 so you don’t have to

So I experimented. I’d run across a few ‘optometrists are ripoff artists’ exposes over the last couple of years which talked about the huge markup on frames and how glasses should be cheap and accessible, not ridiculously expensive. My last pair of prescription glasses was a little over $400, which does seem ridiculous even though my insurance covered sit. So. I dug around and decided to try My optometrist had given me my prescription when I got my $400 pair, so I signed up for eyebuydirect, plugged in my prescription, accepted their default for the measurement between my pupils (the one fact the optometrist will not give you) and bought a $20 pair of glasses. The end result is:

0 thoughts on “Cheap eyeglasses – risking my $20 so you don’t have to

  1. Drew says:

    Quickly save a copy of that picture before he gets back from camping and deletes it!
    Now, where to upload that pic to? Hmm…..



  2. kevin says:

    heh, yeah that’s a keeper!!
    I can’t imagine the scenario where an optometrist wouldn’t tell you the distance between your pupils! Did he just flat out refuse?

    Having an aunt that is an optometrist, I have the good fortune to have all this stuff paid for including frames and contacts and stuff. I can see the value in this as I know there is a ton of markup for sure. But keep in mind that as you get older (especially YOU Dave!) the health of your eyes is probably more important to check annually than your actually vision. Glaucoma, cataracts, and a bunch of other little nasties. That said, I’m lousy about going regularly even though it’s free for me!

    now, off to photoshop that photo!!


  3. dlh says:

    I didn’t actually ask – I had read in forums that optometrists are loathe to give it out though. They give me a print out with all my prescription details but it doesn’t include the distance between pupils.

    I wasn’t actually suggesting skipping the annual eye exam, I was just saying I would skip the annual $3-500 pair of glasses.

    Also, you guys are bastards!



  4. dlh says:

    Sure thing. I’m going to buy another decent pair soon too. Yeah, the user photo galleries have some pretty funny stuff in them, though I’d almost advise folks NOT to look at that if they’re planning on getting a pair – you might get scared off the idea



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