Remember Fractal Design’s Painter?

What if some of the developers of that package went off and built a new cross platform (win32 and OSX) naturalistic painting app, then offered it for free to any and all? If this were the case, chances are high you’d immediately click on this link and get yourself a copy. This is great stuff, especially if you have a pressure sensitive tablet to work with, but even without one it’s a great little drawing/painting app and as usual you can’t beat the price.

0 thoughts on “Remember Fractal Design’s Painter?

  1. dlh says:

    Just click on the download link, their faq is out of date. I should have linked to the download page instead of the faq page, mistake on my part.


  2. kevin says:

    for a free program, this is fantastic! works and feels very much like Alias’s Sketchbook Pro ( which goes for 179.00. It also borrows quite a bit from that application’s interface, though I can’t be sure which came first. It isn’t as responsive and doesn’t have as many features, etc. but who cares? the price is right!


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